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Robert Mulholland defined discipleship simply as “being transformed in the image of Christ for the sake of others.”  This flow of videos and questions is designed to help put you in a position where you can be transformed in the image of Christ. Take your time with this one, permanent inward change is usually done consistently over time – there is no rush. We even recommend going back and rewatching the videos multiple times.  Take the time to be self-aware and self-reflect on what God is saying to you through this flow.

At the end of each lesson you will find a “quiz,” now don’t be frightened by that word, there are no grades and right or wrong answers, this just gives you an opportunity to think through the content on a deeper level. So take your time and honest and thoughtful with your responses.

Before you begin, think through these questions:

How would you define discipleship?

What practices have you conducted to place yourself in the position of being transformed?

Have you ever tried to be transformed on your own? What happened? How did it work out?

Have you seen God transform you? What were the circumstances and how did that work out?

The idea behind discipleship isn’t to keep it to ourselves, but for the sake of others. We do discipleship for others. As we begin this discipleship flow, be thinking and praying of someone that you can take through this series after you have completed it. In fact, we recommend that after each lesson you take some time to teach it to someone else. By teaching the lesson, it helps solidify it in our hearts and minds.

Much of this content is taken from content developed by Mike Breen. If you would like to order the book, “Building a Discipling Culture” by Mike Breen, click here:  https://www.3dmpublishing.com/store-home/building-a-discipling-culture-1


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What Will You Learn?

  • 1) develop tools to assist in your own discipleship
  • 2) develop tools to help others in their discipleship

Course Content

Invitation/Challenge Matrix
Everyone has a certain way of relating to the world, whether that be as introverts, extroverts and every dynamic in between. But even more so, we tend to create culture around us. In this lesson, we are looking at the kinds of cultures we create around us and how Jesus created a discipling culture.

  • Invitation/Challenge Matrix
  • Question and Response for the Invitation/Challenge Matrix

The Learning Circle
The Learning Circle provides a framework for you to determine what God is saying to you and how you will respond to God's direction in your life.

Finding our identity in the proper place is a key aspect of discipleship - it connects to the very core of who God created us to be, and is re-creating us to be in the image of God's Son as adopted daughters and sons.

Time Management
Time is one of our most valuable commodities, in fact we characterize it in terms of money: wasting time, spending time, using time. But what did Jesus say about using our time wisely? In this lesson, we find out how to make the most of our time.

The Lord’s Prayer
Prayer is an essential function in the life the disciple, it is our primary communication tool to the Heavenly Father. Prayer is a two-way street, as it were, to give us access to God's ears and to give God access to our ears.

Dealing with Temptation
Everyone struggles with temptations in some form or another, even Jesus! Thankfully Jesus withstood temptations and gave us the pattern to do so as well.

Five Capitals
The Five Capitals are very simply "things" in which we invest. We normally think of money as the primary thing we invest in but Jesus gives us a better kingdom understanding of the most valuable capital in which to invest.

The Discipleship Square
For every new activity that we learn as human beings, we all kind of go through the same process: I do, You watch I do, You help You do, I help You do, I watch For each step of the process, we gain independence and competence for the new task. This includes our steps towards Christlikeness in discipleship. For each new area of life God opens up to transform, we go through this process of learning.