Jesus Went

Jesus went…to the desert, to the crowds, to the outsiders, to the places of shame and ultimately Jesus went to the cross and to the grave before gloriously resurrecting in the garden. Jesus went to places where we go – where there is temptation, where there are parties, where we feel on the outside.  Jesus knows our life because He lived our life. And so, where Jesus went, we go too.

Jesus Went to the Upper Room

By Dave Warner | April 28, 2019

Ten of Jesus’ disciples had the privilege of seeing the resurrected Jesus, in person while locked inside the Upper Room.  They reported with great joy to Thomas, who was not present at the time, that […]

Jesus Went to Triumph and Tragedy

By Dave Warner | April 14, 2019

On this Palm Sunday we are also exploring the Passion of Jesus. We are journeying through his triumphant entry on Sunday to his tragic death on Friday. We will see the shouts of “Hosanna!” turn […]

Jesus Went to the Crowds

By Dave Warner | April 7, 2019

Jesus looked at the crowds with compassion in his heart and through his actions we find a model for how we should interact with people. We may not feel like we have anything special to […]

Jesus Went to the Place of Shame

By Dave Warner | March 31, 2019

Jesus is not afraid of our vulnerability, weakness and struggles. He goes with us into our place of shame and loves us despite them. He gives the great challenge to us to go and sin […]

Jesus Went to the Outsider

By Dave Warner | March 24, 2019

Jesus intentionally went to those who were on the margins of life, seeking out the people whom most other people exclude from their presence.  Zacchaeus was one of these people – chief tax collector, the […]

Jesus Went to the Wedding

By Dave Warner | March 17, 2019

At first glance the miracle of Jesus doesn’t seem to be particularly poignant or meaningful.  But as we dig deeper we see that this is a sign of Jesus’ Messiahship and ability to transform not […]

Jesus Went to the Desert

By Dave Warner | March 10, 2019

Prior to launching his earthly ministry, Jesus went to the desert for 40 days of fasting and prayer.  While he was there he was tempted in three specific areas of his identity as God’s Son. […]