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Let’s Get Engaged!

Getting engaged is a matter of making a commitment to be in relationship with one another and to move forward together in mission and ministry. Let’s Get Engaged!

Let’s Get Engaged! Serving Diligently

By Dave Warner | September 26, 2021

We serve because Jesus served and Jesus served because he loved people deeply. Service should come from a heart of reckless love for others…both “inside” the church and “outside” the church.

Let’s Get Engaged! Growing Vigorously

By Dave Warner | September 19, 2021

Growth isn’t something we can do on our own, we can only put ourselves in a position for God to grow us. Listen in for why and how God does transforming work and how you can put yourself in a position for growth through Engage Newark Church.

Let’s Get Engaged: Love Recklessly and Give Generously

By Dave Warner | September 12, 2021

Everything we do should be motivated by love…whether it’s loving God or loving others, love is the inspiration for all that we do. And that includes giving. Giving should not be done out of guilt or duty, but from a standpoint of love.

Let’s Get Engaged: You Belong!

By Dave Warner | September 5, 2021

Belonging vs Fitting In…fitting in is us changing ourselves to have a sense of “belonging” whereas true belonging is us being being accepted for who you are. But the unity that calls for all of us to belong is in the power of Christ.