We strive to restore passion and vibrancy to the people of Newark.

Leading people in to a life changing relationship with Jesus, restoring people to their God-given purpose, renewing their passion and equipping them to change the world. 


Our Pastor

Dave Warner

Dave Warner was born and raised in Licking County in the Croton area.  He studied music, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Church Music at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2000. He spent 7 years in Beavercreek, near Dayton, Ohio as a Pastor of Worship and Students before moving with his wife and two daughters to Newark as the Pastor of Ministry Development and Director of Music at Marne United Methodist Church. In 2010 Dave received his Master's in Ministerial Leadership from Wesley Seminary in Indiana.  In July of 2017, Dave and a team from Marne opened a non-profit business and ministry to young families called Little Arrows Play Cafe.

Dave has a passion for relational discipleship, believing that Jesus modeled relationships as the way to do ministry in an ever-changing world. Dave has worked hard to serve the community in a variety of ways, especially by serving as a volunteer in the Newark City Schools in various capacities and coaching basketball and soccer for his daughter's teams.

Dave's wife, Bethany is a patient care manager at Licking Memorial Hospital and his daughter Abby, a student at Kent State University and Sarah, a student at Newark High School.



We strive to live our these 6 unique characteristics of our DNA

  • Celebrate Jesus in Community
  • Incubate Pioneering Servants
  • Create Disciple-making Disciples
  • Going Outwardly as We Grow Inwardly
  • Grow Ministry from Grass-Roots
  • Live with Jesus as Lord

Core Questions

At Engage Newark Church we believe in the power of the question giving us the opportunity to discuss the fundamental questions of life.  We all have questions, we don’t all have answers, but we can come to conclusions together.

What if there is a God?
What if God looked for every reason to include you and not every reason to exclude you?
What if you were worth immeasurable value? What if that value was not based on what you have done or haven’t done?
What if God has a purpose for you? What if that purpose could be found here at this church?
What if God wants to communicate with you?
What if God gave you permission to rest?
What if God had never stopped creating? What if God wanted to include you in the creating process?
What if the Bible was useful for engaging all aspects of life?
What if Jesus came to shape your story so that your story can shape the world?
What if you were able to live like all of these things are true?

Our Beliefs


Little Arrows Play Café

Little Arrows Play Cafe is where we can be the church on a daily basis connecting to the community - not just on Sundays.  Rooted in a deeply held belief in relational discipleship, a cultural need for rest and communal space and the empowerment of people of all ages, genders and races, Little Arrows provides for families with young children in our community in unique ways unlike any other church in our region.  Click below to find out more!