Introduction and Questions

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This course is designed for you to get to know Engage Newark! To learn our story, to introduce yourself to our philosophy of ministry and to begin to find ways to “engage” with the story of Jesus in Newark, Ohio and beyond

At the end of each lesson you will find a “quiz,” now don’t be frightened by that word, there are no grades and right or wrong answers, this just gives you an opportunity to think through the content on a deeper level. So take your time and honest and thoughtful with your responses.


What Will I Learn?

  • Get to know Engage Newark
  • Find out our ideas on statements vs. questions
  • Take the time to ask your own questions and think through the material

Topics for this course

7 Lessons


Let’s get to know you!

Statements and Questions


Spiritual Gifts

The Bible

The Trinity

Liberty and Justice

Human Sexuality

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Material Includes

  • Links to scripture and additional study material are provided where appropriate.