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5 Senses

Our human senses of taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch are the ways we perceive the world. But what if instead being concerned with how we perceive the world, we were more concerned at how the world perceives the body of Jesus’ believers? How does the world taste, smell, see, hear and feel Christians? This series, put together by Reggie Byrd, leads us to the challenge of being good representatives of Jesus’ love in the world.

5 Senses: The Scent of Life

By Dave Warner | June 12, 2022

The sense of smell is one of our unsung senses that adds all of our other senses. But you can’t smell without breathing…breathing in and breathing out. God has declared humanity to be good upon receiving the breath of life through our nostrils. Breathing is essential to our sense of smell and to our living…

5 Senses: Spiritual Taste, Physical Talk

By Dave Warner | June 5, 2022

Even in the most difficult of circumstances we can find the goodness of God. In the darkness of the caves and on the run, David penned the words, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” He found ways to find the goodness of God when he was in his worst of days. You too…