A Superior Savior

The Book of Colossians shows us that God has designated Jesus to be our Superior Savior to anything else that we can find to give ourselves a sense of belong and identity. Join us as we walk through Colossians and discover out Superior Savior.

A Superior Savior: Instructions for Christian Living

By Dave Warner | December 9, 2018

In our final installment from the book of Colossians we find instructions for living the Christian life.  These instructions do not dictate our relationship with God but rather when we follow them we are responding […]

A Superior Savior: If Not For Christ

By Dave Warner | December 2, 2018

Where would you be without Jesus? If not for Jesus where would your life be? Who would you be? How would you behave? If you believe in Jesus, then you have been raised to new […]

Superior Savior: Legalism and License

By Dave Warner | November 25, 2018

Legalism compels us to earn God’s grace through rules that other humans put on us.  License gives people freedom to sin without repercussion.  Often times, we want to put more rules on people who live […]

A Superior Savior: A Philosophy of Grace

By Dave Warner | November 18, 2018

Christians all too often slip into easy judgmentalism rather than doing the hard work of grace.  Paul, in his letter to the Colossians corrects the heresy of Gnosticism and encourages them to walk, be rooted […]

A Superior Savior: A Preeminent Jesus

By Dave Warner | November 11, 2018

In the letter to the Colossians Church, Paul lays out a case that Jesus is better, stronger and more powerful than any other option with which we could find to try and substitute him. There […]

A Superior Savior: Qualified for the Kingdom

By Dave Warner | November 4, 2018

The Apostle Paul had a well-documented history of persecuting Christians throughout Jerusalem and surrounding areas, until Jesus broke through in his life and delivered him from the domain of darkness and transferred him into the […]