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A Weary World Rejoices

Jesus entered into a world with political strife, economic uncertainty, chaotic rulership, oppressive government, high taxes and an environment of marginalizing the weak. In other words, Jesus entered into a very weary world. And yet, despite it all His birth gave an opportunity for rejoicing for all who received it. Likewise, we live in a very weary world, 2020 has been hard on almost everyone and looking ahead to 2021 it doesn’t appear that things will get magically better! And still we have reason to rejoice because of Jesus bringing a thrill of hope to our weary world.

A Weary World Rejoices, The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Dave Warner | December 20, 2020

John the Baptist came as a forerunner of Jesus to prepare the way for his coming. John was a truth-teller and was a harsh critic of the religious establishment. He gave us some lessons we can learn about giving and receiving truth, especially in the post-truth culture in which we live.

A Weary World Rejoices, Path to Transformation

By Dave Warner | December 20, 2020

It takes a lot for people to be convinced to do something differently than what they originally intended.  Joseph had in mind to divorce Mary quietly but in the end, the angel of God convinced him not to divorce her. That took a lot for him to swallow his pride and learn something new about…

A Weary World Rejoices: It’s Always Been Weary!

By Dave Warner | December 6, 2020

In the Gospel of Matthew, a genealogy of Jesus is given to prove His link to King David and to show that Jesus comes FROM sinners and FOR sinners. The Biblical authors don’t hide from his past and his history, the embrace it while not making it his identity, knowing that Jesus has the power…

A Weary World Rejoice – First Sunday of Advent

By Dave Warner | November 29, 2020

Jesus came to fulfill the prophet Isaiah’s words of the coming Messiah. Then about 700 years later, Jesus reads those same words in the synagogue of his hometown, Nazareth. Jesus concludes that those words were fulfilled in their hearing. Jesus is the one to bring healing, hope and joy to a weary world.