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Have you ever had questions that you were too embarrassed to ask? Maybe questions about faith that might even seem disrespectful? Well, this series is just for those questions, questions you might ask “for a friend.” We are taking a deep look into questions that people have to see what the Bible and our faith has to say about them.

#askingforafriend Does Prayer Actually Work?

By Dave Warner | February 14, 2021

This might be one of the biggest questions of all…does prayer actually work? And what happens when prayer works or doesn’t work? Do we change God when we pray? Do we change circumstances and outcomes? Do we change when we pray? Prayer is meant to be the communication tool between God and humanity which will…

#askingforafriend How Can I Know God’s Will?

By Dave Warner | February 7, 2021

We often treat God’s will as if it’s a mystery…like we can’t ever know it.  Or worse, we think that God’s will is always miserable…like we can’t ever enjoy it.  Thankfully, neither of those cases are true. God’s will is knowable and enjoyable.

#askingforafriend How Can People Hoard Money and Call Themselves a Christian?

By Dave Warner | January 24, 2021

Today we address two money-related questions, the one in the title above and “Why do churches talk about money so often?” Certainly there were plenty of occasions where Jesus talked about money and therefore our finances are a primary part of our lives to be submitting to God’s Kingdom. Using 2 Corinthians chapter 8 we…

#askingforafriend What Happens When I Die?

By Dave Warner | January 17, 2021

Looking into the Bible for specifics about what happens to human beings upon death, it is very clear about 1 thing throughout the Old and New Testaments – there is resurrection for those who are in Christ. In this message we open up the Bible to see what it says about human souls, death and…

#askingforafriend How Can I Trust the Bible?

By Dave Warner | January 10, 2021

The question of Biblical authority is a good and frequent question for many people of faith and those who are not yet of faith. In this message we tackle how and why someone can trust the Bible as an authority in their life.