Engage Sermon Series


Sometimes we need a spark, a boost, a bolt of energy to help us see breakthrough, we need a catalyst! In this series we are looking at times in the Bible where we see God’s people experiencing a catalytic breakthrough.

Catalyst – Lean into Difficult Things

By Dave Warner | February 11, 2024

Jesus came out of the wilderness after 40 days of fasting and praying and everything was going great! He was preaching and teaching and the people loved him! That is, until he went to his hometown and his home synagogue and read the scriptures and explained the meaning…and then everyone wanted to drive him out!…

Catalyst – Lean Into Your Weakness for Breakthrough

By Dave Warner | February 4, 2024

Zaccheaus used his greatest limitation – his short stature, to breakthrough and find Jesus. Join Pastor Reggie Byrd as he helps us understand that your weakness becomes you strength when God is in it.

Catalyst – Lean into Your Passion

By Dave Warner | January 28, 2024

It was the passion of Nehemiah that led him to restore the walls and doors of Jerusalem and provide safety for his people. But how can you know what your passion is?

Catalyst – Unity in Diversity

By Dave Warner | January 21, 2024

One of the greatest strengths of the church is that we can be unified in our diversity of backgrounds, skills, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity and on and on the list goes. Jesus, the head of the body, bring equality to the variety of parts that make up the body. Our job is to put Jesus…

Catalyst – Lean into Your Identity

By Dave Warner | January 14, 2024

Most of the time the thing we need for breakthrough already exists inside of ourselves. We too often put other layers on, other peoples expectations, our own desires, roles that we would rather not fulfill…instead of leaning into our own identity. Join our friend, Tim Walk as he explores the story of David from the…