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Faith of Our Mothers

The Matriarchs of the Old Testament serve as examples of people whose great faith to live into their chosen-ness by God to do extraordinary things. This series will look into women that have shaped our faith.

Faith of Our Mothers: Ruth 4, Redeemed as a Foundation of Faith

By Dave Warner | September 4, 2022

In this final installment of Ruth and the wrap-up for the series, we see Ruth being redeemed by Boaz and becoming a foundation of faith for all humanity. Because of her faithfulness she was blessed to be the great-grandmother of King David and thus in the line of Jesus. Her life was redeemed so that…

Faith of Our Mothers, Ruth 3 Welcomed as Family

By Dave Warner | August 28, 2022

Family looks like all different kinds of things, no matter the marital or genetic status of the individuals. Ruth was welcomed into the family of Boaz even though she was not a blood relative nor of the same nationality as her new family. God provided a family for her. God has a family for you…do…

Faith of Our Mothers, Ruth 2 Sacrificial Love

By Dave Warner | August 21, 2022

Ruth sacrificed much to be with Naomi in a foreign land with a foreign people. But her love for family kept her there, doing the difficult and dangerous thing. Her sacrificial love compelled her to be there, but it placed her in the right place at the right time to be blessed by God.

Faith of Our Mothers, Ruth – The Courage to Stand Alone

By Dave Warner | August 14, 2022

Having the courage to stand alone by necessity means that we are standing alone…where it’s lonely. And it takes courage to go to the lonely places. Ruth charged ahead into the most lonely of places to follow Naomi in living out God’s plan for redemption for the world.

Faith of Our Mothers: Hannah

By Dave Warner | July 31, 2022

Hannah shows us what ultimate trust in God looks like, she shows us a pattern for unconditional love for God that can be repeated in our own lives.

Faith of Our Mothers: Deborah

By Dave Warner | July 24, 2022

Deborah was a judge, prophet and warrior whom God chose to redeem His people. From Deborah we learn about God choosing us to partner with us and bring us into relationship with Him.

Faith of Our Mothers: Sarah

By Dave Warner | July 17, 2022

Through the life of Sarah, we discover 4 qualities of God’s promises.