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Fathers of Faith

The Patriarchs of the Bible formed the backbone of our understanding of who God is and how God interacts with the story of humanity. Each week we will take a peak into the life of one of our Fathers of Faith to see their character and how Jesus is represented in them.

Fathers of Faith: Moses

By Dave Warner | August 29, 2021

Moses was one of the great leaders of the Bible. Join Charity McFarland as she gives a message faith and encouragement on being a leader wherever you are.

Fathers of Faith: Joseph

By Dave Warner | August 22, 2021

Joseph, the favored son of Jacob, lived his life with integrity – doing the right thing, the right way with the right motivation.

Fathers of Faith: Jacob

By Dave Warner | August 15, 2021

Jacob’s ambition drove him divide his family and break a relationship with his brother. Ambition can be one of our greatest temptations but there is a healthy ambition that can help us realize our full potential in God’s Kingdom.

Fathers of Faith: Isaac

By Dave Warner | August 8, 2021

Isaac trusted God’s faithfulness to care, provide and work for his good. Isaac did not manipulate people or situations, but rather just simply trusts in God’s sovereignty.