Engage Sermon Series

Focused: Claiming God’s Provision

God’s ultimate provision for humanity comes in the form of God’s Son, Jesus. Jesus is our focus for all of life, but in particular, the Advent season. This Advent we are focused on Jesus through the eyes of secondary nativity characters, people who are unlikely candidates to participate in the birth story of Jesus.

Focused – King Herod

By Dave Warner | December 10, 2023

There’s a villain in every story but what if we looked inwardly and discovered that the villain is actually within us? Join Reggie Byrd as he illustrates how there is a Herod within all of us that seeks to fulfill their own power, position and pride unless we turn ourselves over to Jesus.

Focused – Simeon and Anna

By Dave Warner | December 3, 2023

Simeon and Anna were elderly people patiently waiting on the birth of the Messiah…but as they aged could they help but wonder if they were past their prime and had maybe missed their opportunity to do what they thought they were supposed to do?

Focused – Zechariah and Elizabeth

By Dave Warner | November 26, 2023

Zechariah and Elizabeth had prayed for decades to have a child…perhaps by the time they were “too old” to have children they had given up on that dream. But in an instant their entire word is changed. They are given a promise, a glimmer of hope cracking through the darkness of despair.