Engage Sermon Series

Forward: Claiming the Promises of God

God has promises and blessing for every person but we must move forward in claiming those promises. We must persevere through challenges and difficulties. Through it all we must keep moving forward.

Forward – Building Memorials

By Dave Warner | September 24, 2023

Being forward – focused is a good thing, but not at the expense of the present or forgetting the past. As the Israelites moved forward into the Promised Land, God directed them to grab 12 stones from the Jordan River to build a memorial as a reminder for what God had done for them in…

Forward – Stepping Stones

By Dave Warner | September 17, 2023

Someone had to take the first step to go into the Jordan River, while it was still flowing, in order to get to the other side to claim the Promised Land. Unfortunately, most of us don’t want to get our feet wet so we miss out on the promises God has for us.

Forward – Unlikely Hero

By Dave Warner | September 10, 2023

Rahab was the least likely candidate to be dealing in international affairs, hiding espionage agents, saving an entire nation and being the only able to save her family in an upcoming battle. And yet, God chose her to be the hero of the story and to redeem her story for all of history.

Forward – Follow the Leader

By Dave Warner | September 3, 2023

Our society values leadership but fails to consider the value of being a good follower. What does it take to become a good follower of Jesus? We can learn from Joshua chapter to find out!

Forward – Barriers to the Promise

By Dave Warner | August 27, 2023

The Book of Joshua is full of forward movement as the Hebrew people discover and claim the Promised Land. In the first 9 verse of Joshua we see 4 clear barriers that the Hebrews will have in claiming their promise along with the command for Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” You have promises as…