Engage Sermon Series

Fueled: Claiming God’s Power

Looking into the Book of Acts we see the power of the Holy Spirit alive and active in the hearts of the disciples who are spreading the Good News of Jesus throughout the known world. That same power is still available to believers today!

Fueled – Power Progressed

By Dave Warner | November 19, 2023

Each person is on their own journey of progressing in the likeness of Jesus. We all take different paths to get there but the Holy Spirit guides us as we need to be guided. For the Apostle Paul, who began his Acts narrative as Saul, there was the bright light of Jesus transforming him. But…

Fueled – Power Prescribed

By Dave Warner | November 12, 2023

The first conflict recorded in the early church was over a division of ethnicity, but the conflict was resolved through a division of labor.

Fueled – Power Preached

By Dave Warner | November 5, 2023

When the Holy Spirit fills the people with the power to preach, it doesn’t matter how simple the words are or how eloquent, there is power in the simplicity of bringing Good News to people who need to hear Good News.

Fueled – Power Provided pt. 2

By Dave Warner | October 29, 2023

Acts 2 shows the moment when the Holy Spirit blew into the room where the disciples were gathered and filled them fully. But how does one become “full of the Holy Spirit”? Mostly, it requires surrender of things that are not the Holy Spirit so we can create space for the Holy Spirit to move…

Fueled – Power Provided

By Dave Warner | October 22, 2023

Our friend Tim Walk gives the message about the power provided to the first disciples, and to us, in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Fueled: Power Promised

By Dave Warner | October 15, 2023

Right at the beginning of Acts we see Jesus preparing to depart the earth and ascend to heaven. In his final instructions, he tells the disciples to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to come into their midst before moving on to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. We…