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Ghost Stories

Humans have been telling ghost stories ever since there have been humans able to tell stories about unexplainable happenings. Evangelical Christians have not done well offering explanations for the paranormal except by saying: “Ghost aren’t real!” In this series we are looking into ghosts, the paranormal and the paranormal occurrences in the Bible along with general understandings of the Holy Spirit.

Unmasking Our Faith, Take a Risk

By Dave Warner | September 13, 2020

Living a life of faith is a risk, especially if we take off masks that hide our faith. But believers in Jesus are not meant to hide, we are meant to be bold, follow the […]

Unmasking Our Faith, Social Distancing

By Dave Warner | September 6, 2020

Social Distancing is biblical concept. The early Hebrews were instructed to put sick people outside the camp until they were “clean.” This practice continued right up through Jesus’ day where he encountered the 10 Lepers […]

Unmasking Our Faith, Be Bold

By Dave Warner | August 16, 2020

Fear either can paralyze us or push us into making the wrong decisions. Thankfully the Bible offers help for how to overcome fear and Be Bold in your faith. Take off the mask of fear […]

Unmasking Our Faith

By Dave Warner | August 9, 2020

For many Christians, the primary outlet for expressing their faith, by going to church on Sunday morning, has been taken away from them. With current guidelines and safety protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sunday morning […]

With Liberty and Justice for All, God’s Justice

By Dave Warner | August 2, 2020

Throughout the Bible, justice is seen as as restoring people from the margins of society to a place of equality in community.  Jesus came to break the cycle of oppression, to seek out the marginalized […]

With Liberty and Justice for All, Love Your Neighbor

By Dave Warner | July 26, 2020

Jesus mourned the loss of innocent life, weeping for his friend, Lazarus. Jesus continues to weep as he sees the loss of innocent life for those who are marginalized. Jesus gives us the command to […]

With Liberty and Justice for All and Our Inferiority Complex

By Dave Warner | July 19, 2020

Through his death and resurrection, Jesus created the opportunity for truth liberty and true justice.  The problem is that humanity gets in the way of it and we distort everything that God meant for good. […]

With Liberty and Justice for All: Freedom vs Liberty

By Dave Warner | July 12, 2020

Liberty and Freedom are concepts that Jesus gave humanity and infused themselves through the millennia to form the basis of the United States of America. But what is liberty? What is freedom? And what do […]

To Tell a Story, Resolution

By Dave Warner | June 28, 2020

While each of us have conflict in our lives, we hope for resolution…and we know all good stories come to resolution at some point – most of us even like a happy ending! But, that […]

To Tell a Story, Conflict

By Dave Warner | June 21, 2020

Every person who has ever lived has experienced conflict of some sort. Whether it is internal or external, conflict is part of the human condition. The first conflict started in Genesis chapter 3 in the […]