Engage Sermon Series

He Turned His Face Towards Jerusalem

In this series we are looking at facing our difficult circumstances even when we are in the midst of something we enjoy or mountaintop experiences, we know that we have to come down the mountain and face Jerusalem.

He Turned His Face Toward Jerusalem: The Parable of the Minas

By Dave Warner | March 26, 2023

As Jesus made his way toward Jerusalem, he did kingdom work and taught kingdom values along the way. In his final teaching before entering the city, he teaches that his kingdom is not of this world and that he will be gone for a while and then coming back. While he is gone we are…

He Turned His Face Toward Jerusalem – The Grateful Samaritan

By Dave Warner | March 19, 2023

As Jesus headed to his ultimate destination of Jerusalem, he was interrupted by 10 men who had leprosy. Of course Jesus healed them, but only one turned back to give thanks and he was a Samaritan, one of the most hated people groups of their time and place. Join Keynan Williams as he gives a…

He Turned His Face Toward Jerusalem – Mustard Seed

By Dave Warner | March 12, 2023

The smallest things can wreck us or protect us. Jesus encourages his followers to have faith, even just the size of a mustard seed to grow and blossom and bloom to be something greater, to be our protection when we face our Jerusalem.

He Turned His Face Toward Jerusalem: The Rich Young Ruler

By Dave Warner | March 5, 2023

Most of the time the thing that we hold on to so tightly is actually the thing that holds on to us and keeps us from following Jesus. For the rich young ruler he could not let go of his money and hit kept him from following Jesus. What’s the thing that is keeping you…

He Turned His Face Toward Jerusalem – The Mount of Transfiguration

By Dave Warner | February 26, 2023

Even in the most serene of moments, when Jesus was transfigured and joined by Moses and Elijah, and his three apostolic witnesses wanted to build houses and stay on the mount, Jesus was ready to go down the mountain and face his most difficult circumstance yet – arrest, trial and execution in Jerusalem. Mountaintop experiences…