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Love and Happiness

God created human beings with the capacity to give and to receive love and be in relationship with one another.  Built within each of us is an innate longing for connection, fulfillment and happiness through relationships with other people.  These relationships exist in a variety of ways, levels and dimensions.  In this series, Love and Happiness, we will discover how Jesus navigated 3 dimensional relationships – Up, In and Out.

Love and Happiness: The Ultimate Love Relationship

By Dave Warner | March 3, 2019

When looking at the 3-dimensions of relationships as Jesus modeled for us, there are three primary questions to ask: Who is in your Inward, most intimate relationships? What is your Outward connection with believers and […]

Love and Happiness: Relationships in an Online World, Navigating Social Media

By Dave Warner | February 24, 2019

The push of social media, advertising and algorithms reaches into the farthest corners of life. Social media can be the most “Out” of the three dimensions of relationships: Up, In and Out. But how do […]

Love and Happiness: Love and Marriage

By Dave Warner | February 21, 2019

Guest Speaker Pastor Mindy Ross of Impact City Church Pataskala brings the word alive about Love and Marriage.

Love and Happiness: 3-Dimensional Relationships

By Dave Warner | February 10, 2019

Jesus gained strength for his outward works of ministry by cultivating his upward relationship with God his Father. Everything Jesus did flowed from his relationship with the Father.  From that foundation, Jesus created relationships with […]