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Prayers of the Past

The Bible is full of examples of prayer that people have prayed, some of them are shorter, some of them are longer. In this series we are going to examine several of the longer prayers to create a model for prayer that is useful for us to grow in our relationship with God.

Prayers of the Past, The Lord’s Prayer

By Dave Warner | March 22, 2021

The Lord’s Prayer is probably the most famous prayer in the model, the quintessential model for us to pray to God.

Prayers of the Past: Nehemiah’s Prayer of Action

By Dave Warner | March 22, 2021

Often we want to simply “Let go and Let God” deal with all of our problems, but in reality, most of the time, God wants us to be involved in the answers to our own prayer.

Prayers of the Past Week 3 Mary’s Prayer

By Dave Warner | March 7, 2021

Mary prayed with great faith and expectation that God would use her to bring salvation to the world. You too can pray with expectation that God will deliver on His promises.

Prayers of the Past Week 2 Hannah’s Prayer

By Dave Warner | February 28, 2021

Hannah prayed a prayer of victory and triumph! She had cried out to God and God heard her call. This week we are praying for God to bring us victory in any area of our life where we need peace and God’s Sabbath rest.

Prayers of the Past: Week 1 Jonah’s Prayer

By Dave Warner | February 21, 2021

Jonah prayed his prayer at a time when he had hit rock-bottom. Life couldn’t get any more difficult or awful for Jonah at the point where he spent 72 hours in the belly of a big fish. Jonah’s prayer is one of repentance. He repents of his idolatry and experiences the mercy of God to…