Engage Sermon Series

Prepare the Way

This Advent, while we celebrate the First Advent of Jesus, we are Preparing the Way for the 2nd Advent. This first week is an introduction, a foundation on the important words found in the New Testament about the 2nd Coming and the primary theological systems that inform our understanding about Jesus’ 2nd Coming. Above all, we desire to provide Hope in the midst of uncertainty and Peace in the midst of turmoil, Love in the midst of hate and Joy in the midst of sorrow.

Prepare the Way, Jesus’ Take on the 2nd Coming, Pt 2

By Dave Warner | December 18, 2022

In the 2nd halves of Matthew 24 and Matthew 25 we find Jesus’ words on his second coming…but the end result for our preparation is the same: endure to the end by loving God and loving others.

Prepare the Way, Jesus’ Take on the 2nd Coming Part 1

By Dave Warner | December 11, 2022

Matthew 24 is full of dark and gloomy words that Jesus gives to warn his disciples about the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple and His own 2nd Coming. But, in the midst of it, he provides Hope for the believers and encouragement for them to enduring to the end through loving God and loving others.

Prepare the Way – Peter and Paul on the 2nd Coming

By Dave Warner | December 4, 2022

The New Testament writers often echo the words of Jesus in regards to how to live life and how to be prepared for the 2nd Advent of Jesus. In this message we focus on both letters to the Thessalonians and the 2nd letter of Peter to discover that living a quiet life of holiness and…