Roadmarks of Discipleship

Roadmarks of Discipleship serves as a check-in for where we are with our discipleship and where we need to be going. Much of this series comes from Mike Breen’s book Building a Discipling Culture.

Roadmarks of Discipleship #3: 3 Temptations

By Dave Warner | May 2, 2021

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting and dedicating uninterrupted time with his Father. At the end of his 40 days, at his most vulnerable point, he faced 3 temptations. Those temptations are temptations we all face even now! He was able to defeat them all and we can too!

Roadmarks of Discipleship: Up, In, Out

By Dave Warner | April 25, 2021

Jesus used his upward relationship with God to empower the inward relationship with his disciples and then step outward into ministry to the world. This is the model we must imitate in order to have a proper balance of 3-dimensional relationships.

Information, Imitation, Innovation

By Dave Warner | April 18, 2021

1 Corinthians 4:15-17 shows us Paul’s example of how he guided the church in the ways of Jesus.