Special Guest

Special guest for Engage Newark.

Connect: Breakthrough Prayer

By Dave Warner | March 22, 2020

There’s been no greater time in our lives than right now to have a breakthrough in prayer.  With the novel Coronavirus sweeping the globe we can either be driven towards faith or away from faith. […]

Connect: Praying for Healing and Restoration

By Dave Warner | March 16, 2020

We are certainly in a time where we need healing in our land.  2 Chronicles 7:11-15 provides the steps to create an atmosphere where God will hear us, forgive us and heal us.  This service […]

By Dave Warner | March 13, 2020

This message is to our Engage Newark family to specifically remind ourselves of our duty as believers in Jesus Christ who have a presence in the community of Newark. With that comes challenge and responsibility. […]

Connect: Who Do You Think You Are Talking To

By Dave Warner | March 8, 2020

Being connected to the Father through prayer gives us passion, power and purpose, but how you think about God dictates how you talk with God. What you think about God is the most important thing […]

Connect: Prayer, Our First Response

By Dave Warner | March 1, 2020

Prayer is often our last resort, when we’ve run out of every option and we have nowhere else to turn but to God, that’s when we pray. God would have us make prayer our first […]

Diamonds Out of Darkness, Reggie Byrd

By Dave Warner | February 23, 2020

At your darkest hour, even when it doesn’t feel like God is there, that is the time God is MOST with you, forming you into a new creation. God uses these experiences to form us […]

2020 Vision: Financial Capital

By Dave Warner | February 16, 2020

Jesus taught the disciples that financial capital is the least valuable capital that we have in our possession. Financial resources can be invested to grow all the other capitals: Intellectual, Physical, Relational and Spiritual Capital […]

2020 Vision: Physical and Intellectual Capital

By Dave Warner | February 9, 2020

Jesus rhythmically moved between rest and work, gaining strength from his relationship with God to move out into the world while developing his physical capital of time and health. Jesus used his intellect to teach […]

2020 Vision: Relational Capital

By Dave Warner | February 2, 2020

Jesus encourages his followers through his word, works and ways to invest their financial, intellectual, physical and relational capital into spiritual capital that bears eternal fruit. Using the parable of the shrewd manager in Luke […]

2020 Vision: Spiritual Capital

By Dave Warner | January 26, 2020

Jesus spent his entire ministry on earth empowering people to invest in their own spiritual capital to be re-created in His image. Despite what the world says, increasing our spiritual capital in order to invest […]