Engage Sermon Series

They Said Whaaaat?!!?

Christians say the darnedest things sometimes. Often well-meaning people trying to provide comfort or confidence in someone will say something that they really don’t even understand what it means or how it sounds to the other person. In this series we are trying to help ourselves interact with our unbelieving friends and neighbors by cutting out phrases that do more harm than help.

They Said Whaaat?!!? Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

By Dave Warner | May 28, 2023

At first glance, this seems okay to say – of course Christians should love people and abhor sin – but what if this phrase force people to see people as sinners rather than as neighbors?

They Said Whaaat?!!? You Don’t Have Enough Faith

By Dave Warner | May 21, 2023

In an effort to explain why bad things have happened, some people will claim that they didn’t have enough faith as if they had the power over a situation based on a certain level of optimism or hope. This is one of the things Christians need to stop saying immediately. Jesus is the author and…

They Said Whaaat?!!? God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

By Dave Warner | May 14, 2023

We like to use this phrase to encourage people when they are going through a difficult time, but it’s based on a passage of Scripture that has been misused and misinterpreted. Listen as Pastor Reggie Byrd dives deep on this phrase Christians should stop saying immediately.

They Said Whaaat?!!? God Needed Another Angel

By Dave Warner | May 7, 2023

Well-meaning Christians trying to comfort people in mourning have used this phrase that causes harm to the person they are speaking to reveals their own theological misunderstandings. Listen in to help clarify what the Bible says about Angels and what happens to humans when we die.

They Said Whaaat?!!? Everything Happens for a Reason

By Dave Warner | April 30, 2023

We want to be able to understand and explain everything…even the unexplainable. So as a short cut, we say, “Everything happens for a reason.” Unfortunately that phrase often blames God for our difficult circumstances and presumes that God caused bad things to happen to us or others for some reason that we have to sort…

They Said Whaaat?!!? God Told Me…

By Dave Warner | April 23, 2023

We have to stop assuming the authority that God has given each of us a special revelation that goes unfiltered through the community. We believe that God can (and does) speak to people but that are certain parameters for how God does it and how God communicates to people and all of it can be…

They Said Whaaat?!!? “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it”

By Dave Warner | April 16, 2023

This phrase is damaging because it fails to consider that no-one reads the Bible in the same way, nor do they understand it’s meaning in the same way. Furthermore, the Bible should be the beginning of conversations, not the end.