To Tell a Story

We all have a story to tell, some stories are good, some stories are bad, some stories are exciting, some stories are boring, but each of us have a story to tell. The Bible tells a story throughout from Genesis to Revelation, a story of God’s love for humanity. In that story we see the characters, settings, conflicts and resolutions change, but they all have Jesus as the author.

To Tell a Story, Resolution

By Dave Warner | June 28, 2020

While each of us have conflict in our lives, we hope for resolution…and we know all good stories come to resolution at some point – most of us even like a happy ending! But, that is not always possible. Even so, we can apply Biblical principles to conflict resolution from James 1:19-20.

To Tell a Story, Conflict

By Dave Warner | June 21, 2020

Every person who has ever lived has experienced conflict of some sort. Whether it is internal or external, conflict is part of the human condition. The first conflict started in Genesis chapter 3 in the Bible and all the way up to today with our own personal conflicts and our national conflict of social justice…

To Tell a Story – Character

By Dave Warner | June 14, 2020

The characters of the story make their choices and move the plot along to a conclusion.  Every decision you make and every act that you have is a development of your character. You also have a backstory that has made you what you are today. Your backstory does not keep your character from developing more,…

To Tell a Story – Setting

By Dave Warner | June 7, 2020

Each story has a setting that informs the plot, the character development, the choices that can be made and directs the actions that move story forward. In our own settings, we must learn contentedness, or find a way to change to a different setting, or change the setting we are in.