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Unmasking Our Faith

How does a Christian express their faith during a pandemic? In an era where everything that we used to is now different or nearly impossible, how can we show our faith to the world? And if we strip off the masks of our faith, what would be seen behind it?

Unmasking Our Faith, Take a Risk

By Dave Warner | September 13, 2020

Living a life of faith is a risk, especially if we take off masks that hide our faith. But believers in Jesus are not meant to hide, we are meant to be bold, follow the […]

Unmasking Our Faith, Social Distancing

By Dave Warner | September 6, 2020

Social Distancing is biblical concept. The early Hebrews were instructed to put sick people outside the camp until they were “clean.” This practice continued right up through Jesus’ day where he encountered the 10 Lepers […]

Unmasking Our Faith, Be Bold

By Dave Warner | August 16, 2020

Fear either can paralyze us or push us into making the wrong decisions. Thankfully the Bible offers help for how to overcome fear and Be Bold in your faith. Take off the mask of fear […]

Unmasking Our Faith

By Dave Warner | August 9, 2020

For many Christians, the primary outlet for expressing their faith, by going to church on Sunday morning, has been taken away from them. With current guidelines and safety protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sunday morning […]