Up, In and Out – 3 Dimensional Relationships of Jesus

Jesus moved rhythmically between his Upward relationship with God the Father, to his Inward relationship with his disciples and then Outward relationships with the masses. Jesus has modeled this for us and therefore we should adopt his pattern for life and relationships.

Up, In and Out – Growing Inwardly

By Dave Warner | September 8, 2019

Jesus had a small group of 12 disciples and even within that small group he had 3 close friends, Peter, James and John. In this group, these men were discipled, learned the ways of Jesus and lived life together for 3 years. In an effort to model ourselves in the ways of Jesus, we too…

Up, In, Out – Moving Outwardly

By Dave Warner | September 1, 2019

Jesus’s 3-dimensional relationships are a model for us to follow to live our lives Upwardly in connection to God the Father, Inwardly with discipling relationships with friends and family and Outwardly in connection to our community. It is vital to have all three dimensions working in rhythm and harmony with one another. In Luke 9…

Up, In and Out – Focusing Upwardly

By Dave Warner | August 25, 2019

Jesus lived his life in 3 dimensions of relationships: Upwardly with the Father, Inwardly with his 12 disciples (and his primary closer 3 disciples) and Outwardly with 72, the masses and at one time, over 5,000! In an effort to model Jesus in all that we do, we remind ourselves of these 3 dimensions of…