What Keeps You Up Small

What Keeps You Up at Night?

What keeps you up at night? No really, what are things that keep you from sleeping well, sleeping peacefully? In this series, we are diving into things that keep us from enjoying the peace of God that passes understanding.

What Keeps You Up at Night? Waiting

By Dave Warner | November 14, 2021

Sometimes its hard to wait, but it is in the waiting that we are properly formed…Reggie Byrd gives us a challenge to wait, like Jesus waited to bring the miracle for Lazarus and his family.

What Keeps You Up At Night? The Future

By Dave Warner | November 7, 2021

Do you wonder or worry about the future? Does anxiety find you at those week moments at night where you are unsure what what will happen next or what you should do? Allyssa Graves brings a message of hope and inspiration for what to do when you are anxious about the future.

What Keeps You Up at Night? Failure

By Dave Warner | October 31, 2021

Have you ever failed at anything? This message is for those who have failed and feel like a failure – this is not your identity! You are not alone, we have all failed in one way or another and even the disciples failed consistently, but it was not their identity and it doesn’t have to…

What Keeps You Up at Night? Imposter Syndrome

By Dave Warner | October 24, 2021

Often we don’t feel worthy of the responsibility God has given us. Join Reggie Byrd as he talks about what’s been keeping him up at night.

What Keeps You Up at Night? Anger with God

By Dave Warner | October 17, 2021

Being angry with God is not a new things for humans to do. The Bible has many stories recorded where people were angry with God. In this message, we examine why we get angry with God and how we can join God’s redemptive story in every situation.