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What’s Your Excuse?

We often hear inner voices telling us we are not good enough, or smart enough…and people don’t like us! Moses used those excuses at the burning bush to tell God that he should not and could not deliver the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. The five excuses Moses used are the same excuses we have in our heads today. This series is about the excuses we make and God’s response to those excuses.

What’s Your Excuse? I Don’t Want To

By Dave Warner | November 13, 2022

This final excuse of Moses was the real reason Moses tried to decline God’s direction to free the Hebrew slaves: I don’t want to? We tend to not give the real reason for not doing God’s will, we invent lots of other excuses, but the real reason is that we don’t want to.

What’s Your Excuse? I Don’t Speak Well

By Dave Warner | November 6, 2022

Of all of Moses’ five excuses, this is the one that was probably a legitimate reason for why he could not be expected to convince a million people that they should not be slaves and why he could not speak to the most powerful man in the world, Pharaoh. Why would God choose someone with…

What’s Your Excuse? People Doubt me

By Dave Warner | October 30, 2022

Moses gave 5 excuses for why he could not go and release the Hebrews from bondage in Egypt, one of them was that people might doubt him. Sometimes doubt can motivate someone to do better and be better but sometimes it becomes a crutch to not do what we are called to do.

What’s Your Excuse? I Don’t Know Enough

By Dave Warner | October 16, 2022

Moses had five excuses for why God should not call him to go rescue the Hebrews from Egypt. His second excuse was “I don’t know enough” which was framed by him asking, “What will I tell them if they ask who sent me?” Moses was limiting himself by what he didn’t know. Sometimes we have…

What’s Your Excuse? I Am Not Enough

By Dave Warner | October 9, 2022

Moses gave God five excuses as to why he could not and should not go deliver the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. Reggie Byrd takes us through the first excuse where Moses asks, “Who am I?” revealing his predilection towards feeling Imposter Syndrome. But God has a response to Moses and tells him that He…

What’s Your Excuse? An Introduction to Moses

By Dave Warner | October 2, 2022

Moses spent 80 years discovering who he was but it wasn’t until an encounter with a burning bush that he finally (and begrudgingly) came into his own being. Moses’ excuses are the same excuses we use today, but often we don’t say them out loud, we just hear them internally, as lies that keep us…