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With Liberty and Justice for All

In 2020 we have experienced so many unique circumstances in the United States and globally that have forced us to reckon with our concepts of liberty and justice and especially what it means “for all.” Through quarantines, mask-wearing, racial tensions, distrust of government, media and “experts”, with each new thing that happens we find ourselves wrestling more and more with our liberty and exercise of justice.

With Liberty and Justice for All, God’s Justice

By Dave Warner | August 2, 2020

Throughout the Bible, justice is seen as as restoring people from the margins of society to a place of equality in community.  Jesus came to break the cycle of oppression, to seek out the marginalized and bring restorative justice to all people.  To follow Jesus is to follow His Word, His Will and His Ways,…

With Liberty and Justice for All, Love Your Neighbor

By Dave Warner | July 26, 2020

Jesus mourned the loss of innocent life, weeping for his friend, Lazarus. Jesus continues to weep as he sees the loss of innocent life for those who are marginalized. Jesus gives us the command to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Join our brother, Reggie Byrd as he delivers a powerful message of hope.

With Liberty and Justice for All and Our Inferiority Complex

By Dave Warner | July 19, 2020

Through his death and resurrection, Jesus created the opportunity for truth liberty and true justice.  The problem is that humanity gets in the way of it and we distort everything that God meant for good. The primary thing that gets in the way of liberty and justice is the distortion of our identity through attitudes…

With Liberty and Justice for All: Freedom vs Liberty

By Dave Warner | July 12, 2020

Liberty and Freedom are concepts that Jesus gave humanity and infused themselves through the millennia to form the basis of the United States of America. But what is liberty? What is freedom? And what do we do with it once we experience it? Freedom is your power to choose, Liberty is your power to act…let…