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You Already Belong

You belong in the family of God and you are part of the Engage Newark Family! This series is all about practical ways you can get engaged with the people called Engage Newark Church.

You Already Belong: Give Generously

By Dave Warner | September 25, 2022

Everything we do must come from a heart of love, not from guilt or compulsion…especially when it comes to how we deal with our finances. Giving is simply part of being a fully engaged disciple of Jesus and we do it from a heart of love.

You Already Belong: Love Recklessly, Grow Vigorously

By Dave Warner | September 11, 2022

Everything we do should come from a heart of love…love is the primary motivator for everything the believer says and does – including our discipleship, how we grow in our love for God. But here’s the thing about growing, you can’t do it on your own, you can only cultivate the soil so that growth…