Exalting the Humble

Engage Newark
Engage Newark
Exalting the Humble

Jesus gives us an example of how people should live in the kingdom while in social situations. In Luke 14 Jesus is at a dinner party, talking about dinner parties. As we head into the Thanksgiving celebration season, this is a good reminder of how we can make people, our families and friends feel most welcome and loved when we encounter them at various events.

Sermons in this Series

By Dave Warner March 13, 2020

This message is to our Engage Newark family to specifically remind ourselves of our duty as believers in Jesus Christ who have a presence in the community of Newark. With that comes challenge and responsibility. Due to the arrival of COVID-19 to Ohio and Governor DeWine’s recent action to try to slow the spread of…

Jesus Is King

By Dave Warner November 24, 2019

To serve a king, we must align our whole lives within the realm and purpose of the king.  In America, we struggle with this concept because we elect our leaders and choose whom to follow, but as Christians our goal is to serve Jesus as King – to align our whole lives with the realm…