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Ghost Stories

Humans have been telling ghost stories ever since there have been humans able to tell stories about unexplainable happenings. Evangelical Christians have not done well offering explanations for the paranormal except by saying: “Ghost aren’t real!” In this series we are looking into ghosts, the paranormal and the paranormal occurrences in the Bible along with general understandings of the Holy Spirit.

FAQs: Does Prayer Really Work?

By Dave Warner | September 16, 2018

Sometimes we wonder if prayer really works because we don’t get the answer we want or we don’t hear any answer at all or we figure God already has a plan, so why bother?  But […]

FAQs: #goals vs #Godswill

By Dave Warner | September 9, 2018

People often wonder if their goals and desires are God’s will or just their human desires.  Thankfully the Bible gives us plenty of resources to learn and live within God’s will – and it’s not […]

FAQs: Why Is There Suffering?

By Dave Warner | September 2, 2018

When we look around and see all kinds of suffering happening in the world, neighborhoods and even in families and selves, people can begin to question if God is real and if God is real […]

Two Days with Jesus: Dealing with Difficulty

By Dave Warner | August 26, 2018

Everyone responds to difficulty differently.  In John chapter 6 we see Jesus giving what some of the disciples refer to as a “hard teaching” and they walk away from Jesus.  Some things in life are […]

Two Days with Jesus, Dealing with Change

By Dave Warner | August 19, 2018

As school starts for many people in our county, it brings with it a lot of change in our lives and routines. How do you respond change? Jesus brought a teaching to the Jewish people […]

Two Days with Jesus: Haters Gonna Hate

By Dave Warner | August 12, 2018

In John chapter 6 we are spending two days with Jesus.  In this portion we see Jesus dealing with haters who take issue with Him calling Himself, “the Bread of Life.” These people knew Jesus […]

Two Days with Jesus, the Bread of Life

By Dave Warner | August 5, 2018

After Jesus feeds the 5,000+ people by the Sea of Galilee, he crosses over to the other side of the sea in the darkness of night.  The people catch up to him with an agenda […]

Taken and Blessed, Broken and Multiplied

By Dave Warner | July 29, 2018

When Jesus gives us a vision to see a need or a problem, he has also given us the seeds for the solution.  Sometimes the resources we have look like 5 loaves and 2 fish […]

Heaven on Earth: Worship

By Dave Warner | July 22, 2018

Worship is not meant to be merely a Sunday morning event that occurs at one place at one time with a certain group of people.  We are meant to live a life of worship by […]

Heaven on Earth: Work

By Dave Warner | July 15, 2018

We don’t normally think of heaven as being a place where there will be work and labor, but God created humanity with the ability and responsibility to work and be productive.  What if we could […]