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Ghost Stories

Humans have been telling ghost stories ever since there have been humans able to tell stories about unexplainable happenings. Evangelical Christians have not done well offering explanations for the paranormal except by saying: “Ghost aren’t real!” In this series we are looking into ghosts, the paranormal and the paranormal occurrences in the Bible along with general understandings of the Holy Spirit.

Identity Crisis

By Dave Warner | April 29, 2018

  Humans have an identity crisis and it all originated back in Genesis with Adam and Eve. When they took of the forbidden fruit, they assumed they were doomed and had destroyed their relationship with […]

Created for Community

By Dave Warner | April 22, 2018

God created humanity in his likeness and God exists in plural form – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Built within us is the desire to be connected to others in community.  To the first humans, […]

The End of Fear

By Dave Warner | April 15, 2018

The first humans exercised their freedom to choose and they took of the one things God told them not to take.  Once they did, there was no turning back and they suddenly realized they were […]

The Beginning of Love

By Dave Warner | April 8, 2018

God created humanity with not just the capacity, but the need to give and receive love because we are made in the image of God who is Love.  But along with the capacity to love, […]

The Foolishness of Resurrection

By Dave Warner | April 1, 2018

The religious celebration of Easter Sunday falls on the same date as the cultural observance of April’s Fools. How fitting is it to celebrate the Day of Resurrection on the Day of the Fool? But […]