Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Touches

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Engage Newark
Engage Newark
Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Touches

Whether you want to reach out and touch Jesus or be touched by Jesus, Jesus’ touch is a healing touch and he always meets you where you are.

Sermons in this Series

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Heals the Blind

By Dave Warner May 22, 2022

Jesus calls Bartimaeus before he heals him. Often we wait to respond to God’s call on our life until after we feel perfect, perfected, healed and worthy, but Bartimaeus immediately responded to Jesus’ calling before receiving his healing and then he joined Jesus where Jesus was going. This is beautiful interaction is an example for…

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Transfigured

By Dave Warner May 15, 2022

Jesus experienced a change on the mountaintop, but his change was external only while for the disciples with him their change was internal and not external. The mountaintop experiences you have in worship and other places, should result in you being changed for life in the valley.

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus’ Way

By Dave Warner May 8, 2022

Jesus calls everyone who follows him to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow him. But Jesus’ cross is not the romanticized version that we know of today. Jesus’ cruciform way is all about losing one’s life for the sake of Jesus.

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Walks on Water

By Dave Warner May 1, 2022

Sometimes Jesus calms storms, sometimes Jesus calms hearts, sometimes Jesus does both…but we can go through all the storms of life when we focus completely on Jesus.

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Touches

By Dave Warner February 27, 2022

Whether you want to reach out and touch Jesus or be touched by Jesus, Jesus’ touch is a healing touch and he always meets you where you are.

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Calms

By Dave Warner February 20, 2022

Jesus is found sleeping on the boat in the midst of the storm while his disciples struggle to keep the boat floating! What the disciples forgot was that Jesus promised to get him to the other side. If Jesus is in your boat, your boat is not going to sink!

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Redefines

By Dave Warner February 13, 2022

We tend to label everything, but the problem with labels is that they limit our definitions of what people could be or ought to be. Jesus took the labels that were put upon him and redefined them for kingdom purposes.

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Chooses

By Dave Warner February 6, 2022

Jesus chooses the most unlikely of people to be a part of his team. Reggie Byrd explains why and how you too can be part of Jesus’ unhinged plan for redeeming unlikely people.

Jesus Unhinged: Jesus Forgives

By Dave Warner January 30, 2022

We often live our lives paralyzed by un-forgiveness. Jesus tells the paralytic that his sins are forgiven and to rise up and walk. We too need to get up out of our paralyzed state and live into the forgiveness Jesus provides for us.

Jesus Unhinged

By Dave Warner January 23, 2022

Guest Speaker Pastor Tim Walk brings a message from Mark 1:25-39 as we see Jesus sneaking away fro rest at just the time he should be capitalizing on his newfound fame…he has come unhinged!