Journey with Jesus – Palm Sunday

Engage Newark
Engage Newark
Journey with Jesus - Palm Sunday

Journey with Jesus from Triumph to Tragedy with his entry into Jerusalem to the Friday on which he was crucified.

Sermons in this Series

Exalting the Humble

By Dave Warner November 20, 2022

Jesus gives us an example of how people should live in the kingdom while in social situations. In Luke 14 Jesus is at a dinner party, talking about dinner parties. As we head into the Thanksgiving celebration season, this is a good reminder of how we can make people, our families and friends feel most…

Entrusted: Passion, Power and Purpose

By Dave Warner October 23, 2022

Jesus has placed in the heart of every person a dream, a kingdom vocation that helps them fulfill the purpose that they are designed to fulfill. Ben Hardman brings a message of inspiration and challenge to help us fulfill our kingdom dream.

Give to Grow

By Dave Warner July 10, 2022

Pastor Darryl Becket gives a message on Ephesians 4 encouraging us to follow God’s example to give of ourselves in order to help the church to grow.

Make Christ Your King

By Dave Warner November 21, 2021

We often try to create political solutions for spiritual problems, but Jesus brings spiritual solutions fo political problems. Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world and therefore political and geographic boundaries can not be placed upon his kingdom because Jesus comes straight to our hearts to change lives.

The Cost of Salvation: Us

By Dave Warner July 25, 2021

Jesus paid the ultimate price for our free gift of salvation, but salvation will cost us everything.

Special Guest Stan Stever

By Dave Warner July 11, 2021

God is waiting to redeem you as His child, to bring you into relationship with Him.

Turn Your Testing Into Blessing

By Dave Warner May 30, 2021

Reggie Byrd preaching lessons from Joseph.

Get Up, Pick Up and Move Out

By Dave Warner April 11, 2021

Join with Reggie Byrd as he preaches on John 5:1-9, 14.

First Words of the Resurrected Jesus

By Dave Warner April 4, 2021

We make a pretty big deal about Jesus’ last words on the cross, but what about Jesus’ first words after He was raised from the dead? What do his first words and phrases tell us about who Jesus is and what that means for us? Mary Magdalene stands in for all of us Jesus utters…

Journey with Jesus – Palm Sunday

By Dave Warner March 28, 2021

Journey with Jesus from Triumph to Tragedy with his entry into Jerusalem to the Friday on which he was crucified.